WEBINAR: Handling Stress and Supporting Resilience in Times of Crisis

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This virtual event is a 50-minute session designed to bring leaders together to learn about and reflect on recent research by Dale Carnegie Training and others regarding resilience, its impact on reducing stress in times of adversity and how to develop it in people, teams and across an organization. To view this pre-recorded webinar, please download how to access the webinar below. This webinar is presented by: Neville De Lucia, IDCFA Board Member – EMEA, and Tamara Anderson, Director of Enterprise Sales, Dale Carnegie Training.

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Today’s business environment is filled with setbacks and unexpected challenges. VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) is the new normal, and the potential impact of serious crises such as market shocks, governmental instability and pandemics can’t be ignored. Few of us are in a position to change the environment in which we operate; we can control how we prepare for it and respond to it.


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Creating a resilient organization that can successfully “bounce back” and grow from adverse experiences has become increasingly critical. For leaders who hope to accelerate performance and capitalize on change and uncertainty, it’s moved from highly desirable to absolutely crucial.


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Research on resilience in the workplace and elsewhere points to a number of positive outcomes at the individual, team and organizational level that can significantly impact an organization’s trajectory when faced with adversity.


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